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Welcome! I’m Randolph Selasi Locco #callmeApos. I appreciate all who have decided to give themselves wholly to the work of God. God bless you richly.

I am a writer, speaker, instructor and pastor whose mission in life is to reach, teach and train people to live purposely and also to be able to fully and truly be the best expression of themselves as God created them to be.

My observation tells me that most people, by looking at their actions, choices and attachments are totally unconcern about living in the purpose for which they were created. Truth is no man created by God is without a godly purpose. We are all created for God’s glory. – Isaiah 43:7 “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

God want us to live for him not as it does anything to Him but instead life is the best one there is — if lived as God designed it to be. I always say; ” As people created by God, we ought to live a life pleasing to Him. This we are only able to do in faith, as we follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through introducing Jesus to people, God works out restoration of His purpose and reveals their true identity to them. In my ministry, I’v seen people become to the total opposite of who they were before they met Christ. God has transformed many lives right before my eyes.

Onetime God used me to prophesy to this young man about His calling. Of-cause he did not believe it; in-fact he fought the prophecy. He only saw himself becoming a football player. God never lied. Long story short; this young man started coming to church meetings more often than before. Now has become a prophet of God. He is on fire for God now and blessing many people under his ministry. He was a prophet of God along but he never knew.

Many like this young man do not know what God really intend for their lives. They are just existing and not living. Many are only “living” their lives to make someone happy or themselves happy. Your life’s purpose goes beyond your personal happiness and comfort.

Through my speaking and pastoring, I have helped many people. I believe I can help you and your ministry, start living as the fullest and truest expression of what you were created to be.

Please make yourself at home and have look around my site.

Thank you

God bless you richly.

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